Thoughts, status and greetings to our Friends …

Well, haven’t been writing for quite some time. Was rather busy with all sorts of work related stuff, cryptography studies and all other tings …

But, first, the most important part … Finally, one of the major milestones has been hit and I have almost managed to miss it…

Yes, yes, the Beemu is 300K now …

Last week I have spent a couple of evenings in the pub with a friend of mine, who holds a PhD in Mathematics from MSU. The dude needed some help with electronics, I needed help with understanding basic crypto. So, it was the coffee time. I think I get the basics now … Or at least the mathematics behind RSA and ECC. Well, it is fun. He has a solid understanding in opAmps in return. 🙂 Win Win.

Couple of projects ongoing, as stupid as they might sound, there is a point behind each and every one of them.

Protoshields, AliDuino and, of cause, ATECC608A. I know one can say that it is absolute waste to connect a crypto accelerator to Arduino Nano, but please keep in mind that there is always a point, at least in my crazy head.

And yes, I know one is not soldering i2c bus like this, but hey, I do stuff because I can, not because it is correct. 🙂 Live with it.

This little fucker is the currently ongoing radio hacking project. Basically, does 70-somethingMhz to 108Mhz. Not much at all for an SDR project, just commercial FM, but let’s see what comes out. First, I want to play with it on the Arduino platform and perhaps later we will switch to some more advanced SDR building. No shit like HackRF or anything like that, but we’ll do it.

And, of cause, digging into Teltonika’s most secure router continues. Checked firmware update package, flash dump, played with serial, some remote sploiting, fuzzing, pentesting, etc. So, everything exactly the way I like it.

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