FPGAs, CPLDs and the Renaissance theatre…

Ok, I thought it is easy … I thought I just solder the Xilinx CPLD, get the JTAG cable and download ISE WebPack to my linux box and get it going … well … How wrong was I … I don’t know about you, but I have spent at least a couple of evenings trying…More

System – Rebooting… DO NOT POWER OFF THE DEVICE!

Guys, I was not really planning to bash anyone on this blog, but … Today I decided to reboot my RUT955 by Teltonika. And here is the message: And that is it … It is stuck there ever since. Do not power off the device… What do I do? What if I need to move…More

RDA5807 and RF Fun!

I have always been told that as an electronics dude I have to be part of some amateur radio club and communicate with others alike the whole day and night or at least build radio receivers for commercial stations… Well, this has never been my thing, but since everyone wanted it so much, here we…More

Thoughts, status and greetings to our Friends …

Well, haven’t been writing for quite some time. Was rather busy with all sorts of work related stuff, cryptography studies and all other tings … But, first, the most important part … Finally, one of the major milestones has been hit and I have almost managed to miss it… Last week I have spent a…More

Crypto Mail Bag #1

Finally, the postman has knocked my door and the long expected order has been delivered without any damage and we can finally play the crypto … yeeehaaa! Well, not quite. I would have said that if UPS will be capable of finding our address and would actually deliver things as they promise, without me having…More

Teltonika, security and reality…

Today I was working on a prototype board for testing the GoodFET which I have built during last weekend, but then I’ve noticed a box on my desk… The Router box… And decided to read, what does manufacturer say about security. So, they claim that there were some security experts, taking a look… And those…More

What to do on Sunday…

What could be a better start of a new blog than building some hardware? Well, nothing indeed! So, today I’ve decided to build a couple of debugger boards, namely Facedancer21 and GoodFET42. Since the gerber files are publicly available from the author’s web site, it was quite convenient to just drop a couple of ZIP…More