Crypto Mail Bag #1

Finally, the postman has knocked my door and the long expected order has been delivered without any damage and we can finally play the crypto … yeeehaaa! Well, not quite. I would have said that if UPS will be capable of finding our address and would actually deliver things as they promise, without me having to drive around half of Finland looking for the “nearest Access Point” as they call it… Well, screw that, I have my stuff and that is the most important part!

So, what did I get? Right! I got some crypto! And it is not this Bitcoin bullshit like many would think. It has nothing to do with blockchain (it could though, but what a hell …)

So, what do we have there … we have (right to left, simply because I can!):

  • TPM from Infinion SLB9665. Lovely TPM2.0 chip with LPC interface in a very nice TSSOP-28 package. 24PCRs, 7206 byte free NV memory and many other very nice features …
  • ATSHA204A from Microchip. The good old crypto element with protected hardware-based key storage, as they call it in datasheet. 4.5kb EEPROM, 512 bit OTP, UART & I2C interfaces, 2.0-5.5V Supply and 1.8-5.5V Communication ranges.
  • ATECC608A again from Microchip. Basically, I would consider it being ATSHA on steroids. In other words a crypto co-processor, capable of stuff like ECDSA, ECDH, SHA-256 & HMAC, AES128 & so on …

And all that stuff was accompanied by a bunch of packages with all sorts of SMD components, including SPI flash modules for playing with GoodFET that was built previously, CPLDs from XILINX for making serial2parallel adapters for GoodFET to play with parallel memories of good old Sega cartridges … And many 0603 caps, resistors and other analog crap.

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